Gesa Mayer. Sociology.

Gesa Mayer is a multiplicity, e.g. a graduated sociologist (Diplom) also holding a master's degree in Higher Education (MHEd), a reseach associate at Hamburg University of Technology, a care worker, a PhD candidate in sociology at the University of Hamburg, a musician, a member of the Network Critical Relationship Research, and a polyqueerfeminist questioning those vey identity categories.

Focus of research: intimate relationships

Why and how do people live and love as couples, in open and/or polyamorous relationships?

What do monogamous and non-monogamous ways of living have to do with social discourses, norms, power and gender relations?

How accepted, discriminated, and/or emancipatory are 'alternative' models of relationships and family beyond the hetero- and mononormative couple relationship?

Gesa Mayer is working on a Sociology of Desire that combines empirical qualitative research with post-structuralist and queerfeminist perspectives.

Lines of scientific work


Relationships, Desire, Gender.

esp polyamory, non-monogamies, mononormativity, constructions and deconstructions of sexuality and gender.


Discrimination, Ableism, Inclusion.

esp dis*abilities, social psychiatry, intersectional discrimination, empowerment.


Qualitative Social Research.

esp Interpretative Social Research, methodologies of interview conduction and interpretation, Deconstructive Discourse and Subjectivation Analysis.


Didactics of Higher Education-

esp teaching in methods of qualitative research and projects, Research-Based Learning, Challenge-Based Learning, ePortfolios.