Gesa Mayer. Sociology of intimate relationships.

PhD in Sociology and master's degree in Higher Education (MHEd), teacher at Hamburg University of Technology, care worker, musician, member of the Network Critical Relationship Research, polyqueerfeminist, and many other things.


NEVER AGAIN IS NOW. Against antisemitism in any form.


Focus of research: intimate relationships

Why and how do people live and love as couples, in open and/or polyamorous relationships?

What do monogamous and non-monogamous ways of living have to do with social discourses, norms, power and gender relations?

How accepted, discriminated, and/or emancipatory are 'alternative' relationship and family models beyond the hetero-, mono- and amatonormative couple relationship?

I am working on a Sociology of Desire that combines empirical qualitative research with post-structuralist and queerfeminist perspectives.

Areas of scientific work


Relationships, Intimacies, Gender.

Theories of desire; relationship and family models of the present and the future; polyamory and open relationships; non-monogamies and parenthood / families; romantic love, mononormativity, heteronormativity and amatonormativity; constructions and deconstructions of gender and sexuality...


Discrimination, Ableism, Inclusion.

dis*abilities and ableism; intersectional discrimination and privileges; social psychiatry, empowerment.


Qualitative Social Research.

Grounded Theory Methodologies, methodologies and methods of interview conduction and interpretation, Interpretative Subjectification Analysis, discourse analysis and biographical research; didactics of qualitative teaching/learning projects (esp. Research Based Learning and Challenge Based Learning)...